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Experiencing a Different Cultural Journey to the National Map

2019/9/24 17:59:07
In the exhibition hall of "Guobao Jiguang", most of the exhibited documents are selected as precious articles in the National List of Precious Ancient Books. Among them, the Liye Qin bamboo slips from Hunan Institute of Archaeology were first exhibited in the National Museum of Classical Books, which is also the only government archives of the Qin Dynasty at present; Wenjin Pavilion's Four Ku Quanshu, Wenyuan Pavilion's Four Ku Quanshu, Wenlange's Four Ku Quanshu, and Henan Province Library's Four Ku Quanshu Quanshu deleted the redundant Manushu Sea It's on the same stage. In the exhibition hall of "Ruxiang of the Hundred Dynasties", three domestic solitary editions of Song Shaoxi in the third year (1192) of Huang, Tang, Liangzhe and Eastern Zhejiang Tea and Salt Department engraved in successive editions of Song and Yuan Dynasties, Xunzi in Ningzong period of Southern Song Dynasty, and Xunzi in Huaidong Cangshi in the sixth year of Song Jiading (1213) appeared at the same time... Every exhibition hall has countless treasures.
The popularity of Chang'an Twelve Hours makes the word "public map" particularly noticeable. In the exhibition hall of "Ji Gu Run Jin", for the first time, the Water Conservancy Situation Map of Canal Springs in Eight Provinces (Grand Canal Map), River Defense Map (Yellow River Map) and Yangtze River Scenic Spots Map (Yangtze River Map) reflecting China's water geomorphology were exhibited, including "Water Conservancy Situation Map of Canal Springs in Eight Provinces" and "Yangtze River Scenic Spots Map". It's on display for the whole picture.
The artificial intelligence robot "Xiaotu" introduced in the public digital culture exhibition has the ability of listening, speaking, vision, movement and two-screen interactive display. It can provide visitors with voice consultation, book retrieval, intelligent interaction and other services. "Xiaotu" can not only guide the public to visit and explain the experience area of digital map, but also interact with the public intelligently to answer the relevant business questions of the library raised by the public, and become a "star" on the spot.
There is a magnificent "magic wall" in the exhibition area. Clicking on this magic induction interactive electronic wall, we can appreciate the excellent cultural products such as Chinese ancient books, 100 classics, Wenjin Book Award, famous manuscripts, open classes of national maps, rural Spring Festival Gala, and feel the excellent cultural digital resources of public digital cultural projects from multiple perspectives.
As an important service window of the National Library, the National Map Art Center successively held in September "You are the pulse of the times, jumping in my motherland", "Guqin Celebrity Concert", "Kunqu Celebrity Concert", "Four Great Works Symphony Concert" and "National Map Crosstalk Celebrity Specialty", inviting several famous Guqin performers and Kunqu Opera performers. Performing artists, cross talk performers, China Eastern Performing Arts Group and China Radio and Film Symphony Orchestra have brought audiovisual feasts to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the National Library.
At the international academic seminar on "Library and Peer with the Times", Rao Quan, director of the National Library, said that libraries should be built as places for people to communicate with their hearts, perceive and experience multi-cultures, and exchange ideas and knowledge with others; and new spaces for learning, communication, coordination and sharing for all kinds of innovative activities. Strengthen the collection, arrangement and development of local cultural resources, such as local history and figures, and construct the space for inheritance, exchange and sharing of local culture, so that libraries can truly enter people's lives.
In the national map, besides reading, borrowing books and searching materials, you can also see exhibitions, performances, lectures, and purchase lovely creative products. Know the national map and enrich yourself. Start with a cultural journey.

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