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"Culture + Science and Technology" Drives the Development of Health Tourism

2019/9/22 20:16:36
Under the background of "Healthy China" rising to national strategy, health industry has become an important engine of national economic growth under the new normal. As an important part of health industry, health tourism conforms to the public's pursuit of health and health care, as well as the upgrading of tourism consumption and the transformation needs of high-quality life, and has broad market prospects.
In some areas where the ecological environment resources are relatively insufficient in China, deep excavation of cultural resources can make up for the shortcomings of resources and break through the bottleneck of development. Chinese traditional culture itself contains many concepts and philosophies of health preservation and healthy life, and has formed a system of health preservation culture. The derived traditional Chinese medicine, Wushu Taiji, health preservation skills, Suzhai Zen tea, etc., can be used as the basis for the development of health preservation tourism. Deep excavation of these recreational cultural resources, combined with the times, can breed many characteristic products of recreational tourism and promote the connotative development of recreational tourism industry.
Moreover, as the core and foundation of health tourism, culture is the source of sustainable competitiveness of health tourism products. The important characteristic of health tourism is to have a complete health promotion path, that is, tourists achieve physical, mental and psychological health, relaxation and pleasure through health tourism, which covers the health care and health care of healthy and sub-healthy people as well as rehabilitation treatment of the sick people. We should constantly improve the cultural content of health tourism, develop the health tourism industry with rich cultural connotation and high health function, so as to shape a unique mode of health tourism in China.
Science and technology is another way to promote the high-quality development of health tourism. The development of health tourism is inseparable from the iteration and upgrading of high and new technology. At present, health-oriented tourism is mainly divided into two categories: medical-oriented tourism and health-oriented tourism. Medical-oriented tourism mainly refers to medical treatment, including precision physical examination, stem cell therapy, heart bypass surgery and other medical treatment. Health-oriented tourism mainly includes health-preserving vacation, yoga massage, hot spring medicine diet, sports adventure and so on. Therefore, as far as the scientific and technological elements of health tourism are concerned, they can also be divided into two categories: medical science and technology, including research and development of traditional Chinese medicine, improvement of medical technology and upgrading of medical equipment; and health science and technology, including equipment support for sports such as exploration, research and development of beauty products, etc. For medical tourism, technological upgrading will effectively enhance the market attraction.
At present, there are many phenomena such as low technology level, random imitation, lack of innovation, and even short-sighted behavior of "neglecting research and development, emphasizing promotion" in health tourism enterprises in China, which has become a key factor to hinder the development of health tourism with high quality. Therefore, the healthy tourism enterprises need to take the development path led by science and technology, with science and technology and innovation as a breakthrough. The research and development of tourism products should meet the needs of consumers. With the continuous improvement of people's demand for quality of life and health-preserving experience, scientific and technological innovation will become the only way for the development of health-preserving tourism enterprises in China in the future.
Science and technology is also an important aspect of enabling tourism development. At present, there is a lack of communication and information asymmetry between domestic health tourism suppliers and consumers. The market cultivation and industry development of health tourism can take the road of big data-driven and science and technology support, increase the information of medical treatment, health care, recuperation, medicine and other places, projects and services on the existing system, and ensure the authenticity and professionalism of information, so that market information can be received by health tourists timely and effectively.

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