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Minyoun Chengdu Dongda Hotel

Minyoun Chengdu Dongda Hotel affiliated financial plaza building located in the center of the financial street west of chengdu 33-47 layer affiliated financial plaza elegant hotel, is located in chengdu spring city business circle and salt city population business circle core business area, with its excellent geographical location and convenient transportation around the world business elite business preferred As a new landmark, the location is located in the lobby of Minyoun Chengdu Dongda Hotel has 33 layer unique urban landscape, and thoughtful service, professional and efficient team will bring unprecedented special experience for the guests Chengdu Minyoun Royal Hotel. Minyoun Chengdu Dongda Hotel boasts 33 storeys, with a lobby that's described as having an urban landscape, as well as rooms with high-speed broadband Internet, large LCD TVs, separate showers and bathtubs, and high quality bedding. Minyoun Chengdu Dongda Hotel of you looking for relaxation may take advantage of the indoor heated pool and hydro-therapy center. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the public area and guest rooms.